Ellie Belle Photography | Size Your Walls

Displaying Your Artwork In Style

Framing, designing and colors?  Everything that goes into planning your session can be daunting.  It doesn't have to be, and that is why we are here.  Our clients love to make a statement with their portraits that showcase their family and display them in areas of their home where they can enjoy seeing them every day.  We advise them to choose the areas of their homes where they spend the most time, in addition to areas where others will see their portraits, such as entryways, foyers and staircases.

We will ask you how you plan to use your images because this will determine how we will compose your session images, and also to decide on the colors, clothing and fabrics to incorporate during your shoot.

There are three main concepts to consider with regard to design.

  1. Room Size: Consider where the portrait will be hung.  Is the ceiling height 8 feet or 15? How large is the wall and the room itself?  Can you see the portrait from 20 feet away?  These factors play a large role in determining the best size possible.  Your family room, formal living or dining room, the entrance to your home – all of these are very popular choices for where to hang portrait art.
  2. Face size:  Being able to see everyone’s expression is very important. For an average size room, with a viewing distance of 8-10 feet, a face height of at least 4″ to 6″ is recommended. Any smaller and expressions are lost, and you won’t experience the viewing pleasure you deserve.
  3. Viewing distance will also determine portrait size. Again, I recommend face sizes in the portraits to be at least 6″ based on an average viewing distance of eight to ten feet.  This family photograph is one of the most impressive captures of your family to date – showcase it in style!  What better way to brighten your day than to walk into a room filled with portraits of the memories we captured during your session?

How To Determine Sizing

In this example, we have placed a piece over a sofa for illustrative purposes. You may also consider a large family portrait over a mantle, a buffet, a bed, or several other areas.

A few points to consider:

  • A horizontal (or square) focal piece of art portrait should be at least 50-75% as wide as the sofa it hangs above. For example, if your sofa is 80 inches wide (6.5 feet), choose a portrait that is at least 40 inches wide.
  • Many people hang art too high on the wall.  We believe art looks best when centered on the wall space above the sofa, with the bottom edge of the frame approximately 6 to 9 inches above the back.
  • Most clients enjoy the modern look of our gallery wrap canvases, and they are a great value because they do not require glass and framing.  However, if you prefer a framed piece, please be sure to allow an additional 3-6 inches around the portrait for the framing.
  • Whether you choose one main portrait piece, or a grouping of smaller portraits spaced 2-3 inches apart, ensure the overall space you cover is at least 70% of the width of the wall area.

Finished Wall Collection Sample

We have so many beautiful products for our clients, it can sometimes be hard to choose.  It is our job to guide you through the process and help you choose products that work best your family, and that you will be able to enjoy every day.