Ellie Belle Photography | What To Wear

What To Wear


Color Design

Choosing the clothes you will wear for your portrait session is extremely important because it defines the color scheme of the image.

Neutral tones tend to work best because they allow your skin tone and facial expressions to be the focus of the image. Neutral schemes don’t distract from your faces and are a timeless way to commemorate this moment.

Home Decor

Choosing the color scheme of your portrait session should complement the decor in your home. So, consider where you plan to hang a portrait.

What is the style of the decor? What are the color tones of the room? Coordinating what you wear in the portrait session to the place where you plan to display the images will make the art seamlessly integrate with the space and look customized for your home.

Clothing Style


  • Sleeve -Long sleeves are best
  • Collar Design- Simple is better
  • Fabric Pattern – Stay away from complicated designs
  • Adornment – Buttons often scratch baby’s delicate skin
  • Texture & Flow – Some fabric textures photograph beautifully like linen and cotton. Shiny fabrics are distracting and reflect the light.
  • Fit – A shirt that is too loose often adds pounds in-camera. So does one that is too small.

Muted Greens

Soft greens that are reminiscent of a forest combine with neutral browns to create a warm image that has an earthy feeling to it.  Dads consider wearing a long-sleeved cotton shirt that is solid colored.  The collar should be simple and there should be no pattern in the fabric.  This makes the family's faces the focus of the image.  Mom may be wrapped in a muslin or cotton material, creating a strapless design that is flattering and creates a skin-on-skin look that is intimate and loving.







Browns & Soft Neutrals

A mix of dark browns, creams and tans combined with a neutral background creates an image that has contrast, but not so much that you are distracted form their charming expressions.












Newborns are just naturally angelic and innocent.  Creams and soft whites bring forth this emotion beautifully and offer a light, bright and ethereal look.  It's important when coordinating a monochromatic look to incorporate texture in the clothing for more interest.  Again, coordinating outfits, but not perfectly matching are the key to this look.







Mid-Tone Neutrals

Neutrals come in several flavors and sticking with the mid-range is a lovely way to complement your decor. This look is sure to coordinate with any home and is a tried-and-true method for creating a striking portrait. Dad is wearing a long sleeve, well-fitted, simple shirt that flatters his torso.







Greys & Brown Neutrals

Richer tones create a warm and inviting look to your portraits that convey elegance.  If the room you plan to hang a portrait in has deeper hues, choosing a color scheme with darker hues is a great choice.  This is especially effective for baby boys as the richer colors have a masculinity to them that conveys your new little one is male!  Dark blue jeans, cool greys and navy blues work well and we combine delicious textures to create an image with a lot of interest.






Navy & Grey Neutrals

Adding contrast to an image with navy blue and gray creates a striking difference between the skin tones and clothing/background. While blues are cooler, skin tones are warmer and this contrast in color temperatures makes the warm tones pop off the page. And when that happens, faces are what stand out.  Using a cool palette is a great way to draw attention to beautiful expressions.